Graphic Design and Apparel

RICKYLEE209 is a graphic design company with over 20 years of experience in illustration and computer art. Our goal is to provide you the client with customized designs that will meet the needs of your organization, event, business or personal desire. All graphic designs are custom, as we like to provide you with artwork that is unique. RICKYLEE209 will utilize graphic designs to convey a message for you, as we can place artwork on an array of mediums utilizing techniques such as embroidery, screen printing, heat-applied graphics.


RICKYLEE209 utilizes two methods for printing on garments; Sublimation and Screen Printing. Sublimation is the process of transferring a printed inked image on specialized coated materials and polyester. By using heat, time and pressure, inks will vaporize and permanently dye the object or material. Printed objects utilizing sublimation can achieve high detail and durability with millions of colors.

Screen printing is a process that uses wet pigments; these pigments are forced through a mesh screen onto materials to accomplish a printed design. A benefit of screen printing is volume. For events, businesses and organizations that have large parcels, screen printing is economically efficient.


Sometimes two dimensionally printed images may not suffice, and something with and additional dimension will do the trick. Embroidery is a millennium old process of stitching threads into a piece of material to create ornate designs. Though hand embroidery is an inefficient method of this application for several parcels, in today's world automation and machines do all the work. Ornate, custom designs can be accomplished in less time and greater speed. Embroidery can produce stitched logos with a relief, thereby providing texture accompanied by eye catching graphics.


We offer a large selection of apparel for men, women, youth, juniors as well as infants and toddlers. Accessories caps, activewear, workwear, blankets, bags and much more. Check out our catalog for more details.


    Phone :(209) 406 - 3260
    Address : 1545 Saint Marks Plaza Dr. Suite #8 Stockton, CA 95207

Ordering Information

To place an order on stock apparel without print simply review catalog, add wanted items to cart and place your order. For apparel with printed graphics; review catalog, choose desired apparel, document product information and phone in orders at (209)406-3260.